Cigar events: old,old school

Cigar events: the granddaddy of cigar stores Keep smoking Advertisements

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Cigar events: Former Rasta

Cigar events: Santa Monica throwback Keep smoking

Cigar events: cool hand, deal the cards ♦️

Cigar events: Control the deck. Keep smoking

Cigar events: pour me another cup of coffee

Cigar events: cigar version that is. Keep smoking

Cigar events : smoke city

Cigar events: Santa Monica limit Keep smoking

Lifestyle: Bugs rule

Lifestyle:  If you like nature, here is a beauty. Keep smoking

Cigar news you can use: Next time you are in Europe

Cigar news: I have not been to Germany in years but if I get a hankering for a LA Flor Dominicana cigar, here we go.

Cigar events: Groucho sent me

Cigar events: fluid movement. Keep smoking

Cigar events: off the beaten path

Cigar events: One of my cigar cronies had an unexpected medical event last week which fortunately will be able to recover from. However, to make

Cigar events: cigar for my sins

Cigar events: making amends for my past year. Keep smoking

Cigar news you can use: Lifestyle with an Island flavor. New cigar releases from Island Club Cigar

Cigar news: New blends from Island Club cigars. I have not as of yet smoked them, so if you have, let me know your thoughts.

Cigar events: watching the Quail

Cigar events: La Gloria Cubana and California Quail, cool afternoon. Keep smoking

Lifestyle: Cat love

Cigar events: upward and onward

Cigar events: plan on it. Keep smoking

Cigar review: Devil made me do it.

         Cigar review: My father always called the Devil , Diablo when I was a kid. I think he felt it was

Music/Lifestyle: If you need a hit of the Dead , here it is

Music/lifestyle: Ionic songs from the Grateful Dead. Keeping the flame alive. Keep smoking

Cigar events: stay calm

Cigar events: Body of knowledge. Keep smoking

Cigar events: too pretty for the moment

Cigar events: One is the first number. Keep smoking

Cigar events: Be a pal,La Palina classic

Cigar events: No hurricanes coming this way. Keep smoking

Cigar events : Jazzy vibe

Cigar events: Feeling the groove. Keep smoking

Cigar events: almost lost in the ozone

Music/Lifestyle: Game of Thrones Concert

Music/Lifestyle: Last night we took in the Game of Thrones Concert experience. I am not part of the cult that follows the show or book.

Cigar events: I need to learn how to pronounce

Music/Lifestyle: Sights and Sounds from the Creative Arts Emmy awards

Music/lifestyle: It’s what we do in Los Angeles. Award shows by the score. Folks like to wear tuxedos, evening attire and hang out. Best part

Cigar events: Los Angeles magic

Cigar events: Almost trying my best. Keep smoking

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