Cigar news you can use: New package, same great cigar

Cigar news: La Palina cigars change the look of this blend but if you like the original taste, join us. Keep Smoking La Palina Classic

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Lifestyle: Put your right foot in

Lifestyle: What is wrong with these pictures? Keep smoking  

Cigar news you can use: You need to put them into something

Cigar news: A larger, new additon that produces cigar humidors and packaging has been developed for the trade. Business must be good. Keep smoking  

Lifestyle: Shoes for industry

Lifestyle: Shoes for the dead Keep Smoking

Lifestyle: Tommy Bernstein redo

Lifestyle:  One of Mr. Bernstein’s followers noticed several typo’s and spelling mistakes. In order to set the course of events straight, Tommy redid his story

Cigar events: Joining my humidor family

Cigar events:  My  cigar stash was overwhelming  storage capacity so I needed an new addition. Just purchased this  Mantello Cigars humidor. I thought about getting

Cigar news: start the process

Cigar news: I need to start forming my favorite cigars list of 2018. I don’t call them the best of because what I smoke often

Cigar review: Always looking

Cigar review: This line of CAO cigars has made quite the splash since it’s inception in 2014. I have had the other cigars produced for

Gift review: I like free stuff

Every once in a while I get a request to do a review that is part of the lifestyle segment of the webpage. In this

Lifestyle: A New World Vision

Lifestyle: After ten years of mostly faithful service, we bid a fond farewell to my MAC desktop. The new kid on the block is a

Cigar Events: Lost in the haze

Cigar events: The new version Keep Smoking

Lifestyle : Not LA common

Lifestyle: what tourists want to see. Keep Smoking

Lifestyle: Product review coming up for all

Lifestyle: You might want this. Review to come. Keep Smoking

Lifestyle: Yes, rain does happen

Lifestyle: California Dreaming Keep Smoking

Lifestyle: Another Tommy Bernstein Epic/Surfing Master

Lifestyle: Tommy Bernstein has lead many lives and here is another epic tale to tell. Keep smoking SURFING U.S.A.  I started surfing when I was

Cigar events: No snow.

Cigar events: Not a worry in the world. Keep Smoking

Cigar review: Coming down the road

Cigar review: Finished the smoke, review will be forthcoming. Keep smoking

Cigar review: Soon

Cigar review: Smoking was the easy part, now have to write about it. Keep Smoking

Cigar events: Double header news from Xurvivor Cigars: Read the review

Cigar news: This review was a blast from the past. Keep smoking Americano Maduro 2018 –

Cigar news you can use: We waited and here it is: Xurvivor Cigars newest release

Cigar news : XURVIVOR CIGARS ANNOUNCED TODAY THE LAUNCH OF THE DIABLO LIMITED EDITION TAMPA, Florida – November 28, 2019 – Xurvivor Cigars announced today

Cigar events: Ninety miles from Miami

Cigar events:   As a Thanksgiving gift , this was far better than the turkey. Keep smoking

Cigar events: Double Header

Cigar events: -35 below in Los Angeles Keep Smoking

Cigar news you can use: No more in MA.

Cigar news you can use; From the National front Keep smoking New ban on tobacco, vape flavors in Massachusetts Massachusetts became the first state to

Cigar events: At the abode with Mandi

Cigar events: Before overeating Keep Smoking

Cigar Events/kitty health

Cigar events: Kitty in recovery mode from tail injury. Ready for adoption soon. Keep Smoking

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