Cigar News You Can Use: Ultra cool

Cigar News:  From the Cigar Journal    A special cigar lounge that offers a great place to smoke, with  social awareness too. Lets wish them

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Cigar News you can use: The big boy list

Cigar News: Cigar Aficionado recently published a very comprehensive article on the best selling cigar brands along with other data. What interested me besides the

I like it like that: La Palina Cigars

Cigar video La Palina cigars Conn. Keep smoking

Cigar News you can use: More misguided legislation

Cigar News, Cigar Commentary This lack of understanding from the so-called leaders in Manchester N.H. is again another attempt to strangle cigar smokers. Yup, think

Cigar News you can use: America’s own cigar city

Cigar News: This is a spot that is probably worth taking a trip to if you are in the Tampa area. My nephew lives in

Cigar Review: Guest blogger

Cigar Review: AJ Fernandez New World Cigars Keep smoking This is a new blend of an old favorite. A rich dark wrapper with only minor

How Green was my cigar?

Cigar Review: La Palina Fuego Verde Candela cigars have the appearance of something very old, something my grandfather would smoke if he smoked. Small towns

Cigar news you can use: Crime does not pay

Cigar news: Any verifcation on this news would be appreciated. Various bloggers are reporting that the head of the Partagas factory in Havana, Abel Exposito,

Music greats: Curtis Mayfield

Music, Lifestyle I was listening to  Sirus radio coming home this afternoon and on station 49 Motown sounds  the great Curtis Mayfield was on. The

Cigar Review: The Name Game

Cigar Review: Famous Cigars, Carnage Cigars Cigar names can be very silly. I think the idea is the more off the wall name the likelihood

You can never go wrong

Cigar Event, Cigar Thoughts I got out of work a bit early yesterday which means I only put in 10 hours instead of 12. However,

Cigar Events: Friday night at the abode with Rocky Patel

Cigar Events: It’s always a treat to get home on a Friday night and not worry about time or your next move.  I grabbed a

Cigar News you can use: Cigar Journal Article

 Cigar News: Good overview of the role of nicotine in cigars. Keep smoking ABOUT THE ROLE NICOTINE PLAYS IN THE ENJOYMENT OF CIGARS August 9,

Asylum Straight Jacket 6 x 54 Cigar Review — The Cigar Authority/ Guest Review

Cigar Review: Asylum Cigars So I was sitting around the office today having a late lunch when I began to struggle on what to smoke

Is it too early?

Cigar News, Cigar Thoughts:  Top cigars of 2017 already Is it premature  to start thinking about the top cigar lists of 2017? As releases are

A newcomer to the world of cigars.

Cigar News:  A first time cigar smoker who is about the enter a new world. Keep smoking     Before I make cigars and pipe

Cigar News: But is it art?

Cigar Art: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder My office at home has several  photos of cigar scenes. The idea for me was

End of the Line?

Cigar news: I get many cigar catalogs every month. They seem to come in bunches. There are also the emails that float in and out

News you can use: Famous Cigars Honduran Picks

Cigar News: This is a good article on Honduran smokes that according to Famous Cigars are worth smoking. Some of them may be unappreciated ,

Worth a read: Guest Story

Tradition Three friends were in the habit of meeting every evening in their local pub to have just one drink on their way home from

Second thoughts

Cigar Review: I tried the Gispert Corona this evening as I was playing with Mandi the dog after work. Maybe it was aging it for

Guest Review: RoMa Craft

Cigar Review:  I am a big fan of RoMa Craft cigars. I have not tried all their products but the ones I have sampled have

Beauty is in the eye of the ….

Cigar Review: Leaf by Oscar Several months ago I invited a friend to the Lone Wolf Cigar Lounge to have an afternoon Sunday smoke and

Unite for a common cause

Cigar News you can use:  New cigar alliance   A group of cigar makers, brand owners and retailers are coming together to better represent the

Cigar Events: Scotch and Cigar Night

Cigar Events:   Here are some of sights of the successfull Scotch and Cigar Night hosted by Urban Fishing Pole Cigars, at Porter Valley Country

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