another day , another cigar

Choice cigar from Drew Estate,  Undercrown Robusto, , nice flavor profile, good burn and construction, a good choice , give it an 8 overall Advertisements

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It’s another day from the cigar world


another smoking view

                                              It’s Red

The good life

DonJuan from Dignity Cigars

CAO night at the abode

It’s a cigar thing

San Lotano Cigar night , west Los Angeles with left to right, Bo Gerechter, Clay Roberts, Long Thung and Ian Kessler. Second photo cigar nirvana

It’s always about the cigar


Welcome and good reading

    For the person who smokes fine cigars, this is for them. Not so much about what you smoke, but why and who you

one more cigar scene for the road


Couple of cigar scenes

No smoking?

                                     what about no smoking?

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