Lifestyle: Remember Red Sox fans

Lifestyle: Time to move on and embrace spring training. Keep Smoking Advertisements

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Cigar events: A lost world

Cigar Events: Before we knew better Keep Smoking

Cigar lifestyle: Baseball , cigars, USA

Cigar and: in honor of two American pastimes Keep Smoking

Cigar Events: Baseball has been, berry berry good to me

Cigar events: Good field and hit Keep Smoking

Lifestyle: I got the Baseball Blues

Lifestyle: Baseball Lament or a 3 and 2 count, bases empty   Baseball is my go to sport. My first real remembrance of enjoying the

Cigar events: no green beer

Cigar events: stay green. Keep smoking

Baseball news you can use: From NBC Sports.

Baseball news: The Red Sox ink pitcher of the moment to a new deal. Keep smoking Nathan Eovaldi re-signs with the Red Sox By Craig CalcaterraDec

Cigar events: Villiger and me

Cigar events: Good day to hang at the Lone Wolf Cigar Lounge. Met a new friend and fellow cigar smoker who was a former major

Cigar news/sports you can use: From another blog site/ Boston Red Sox news

Cigar news/lifestyle: This is surprising but I have thought about this myself. Hanley was not hitting, could not get around the fast ball consistently and

Lifestyle: Baseball announcers are , obnoxious, talkative, knowledable?

Lifestyle :   I grew up with classic baseball announcers. Mel Allen, Red Barber, Lindsay Nelson, Bob Murphy. Legends in their craft. When I moved

Cigar Lifestyle: Best of both worlds

Lifestyle: The Grateful Dead scores with this great t-shirt. Unfortunately for me, it is a backorder for my size.   Keep smoking  

Lifestyle: Baseball on my mind

Lifestyle:   The baseball season is about a week old and several observations after watching many games on the tube. The Red Sox run the

Cigar events: Perdomo Paradise

Cigar events: Opening day of baseball , the Red Sox blew their first game with bad relief pitching. No matter, the cigar relieved the pain

Cigar events: Being good looking is not enough

Cigar events: Catchy title huh? Hope you look at the video , ignore the face and check out a bargin basement cigar that was pretty

Sports News you can use: Hurt again.

Sports news: Jacoby Ellsbury seems to spend more time on the disabled list than actually playing baseball. He parlayed a couple of outstanding seasons with

Sports News you can use: Beards 1, Orioles 0

        Sports News: As a bearded dude for many years, the idea that a major league baseball team have a policy against

Lifestyle/Sports News you can use: Red Sox need some love

Cigar News/ Sports: You would think the Red Sox are a last place team heading into the 2018 season. The Yankees made lots of splashy

Cigar News you can use: We are number 1

Cigar News you can use: Sam Adams and the Boston Red Sox are now partners in crime. The suds world and  baseball have joined forces

Cigar events: Calm down, relax and smoke a cigar

Cigar events: Baseball is a game and a cigar is a smoke I was speaking to a cigar friend the other day and he commented

Cigar Events: Dodgers destroy the Cubs, lighting a victory cigar

Cigar Events:  Baseball revisited with a cigar touch   First off I am a Red Sox fan but appreciate great baseball.  I paid a visit

Cigar Event: Red Sox and Rocky Patel

Cigar Events:  Finally a Red Sox win at Fenway. On to the next game. Keep smoking