Cigar news you can use: Not sure I get this.

Cigar news: Whitey , we hardly knew you. Keep smoking Shared from Boston, MA Whitey Bulger’s Family Claiming Wrongful Death Against Government The family of

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Cigar events: Another blast from the past

Cigar events: Here is another older post from one of my favorite cigar lounges/cigars in the country. Keep smoking Visit to Levitt and Peirce Cigar

Cigar news you can use: Back to the future

Cigar news: Pulled this from an older entry when I was blogging from another host. The reason I pulled it out is a friend of

Baseball news you can use: From NBC Sports.

Baseball news: The Red Sox ink pitcher of the moment to a new deal. Keep smoking Nathan Eovaldi re-signs with the Red Sox By Craig CalcaterraDec

Lifestyle: Red Sox World Champions

Cigar events: Red Sox steam roller

Cigar events: La Palina gives you pleasure. Keep smoking

Cigar News you can use: The Hub rules

Cigar News: Back in the 1980’s I worked in downtown Boston about 3 blocks from Ehlich’s Pipe and Cigar. Every couple of weeks I would

Cigar news you can use: Green with envy

Cigar news: I wrote a review about this smoke in 2017 and discovered it was not something that tickled my palate. However, for those folks

Lifestyle: What am I missing?

Events: For most of my life I lived on the east coast. We all knew starting around November , the snow was going to come,

It’s a Man’s Drink but Women can drink it too

Lifestyle: Event Moxie beverage  was once the most popular soda product in the United States. It is also a word  that we use to show

Light my fire

Cigar talk, Cigar story Cigars are for me about meeting new people , learning their stories and of course enjoying the cigar. When the cigar

Creative and Confident

                                   Advice to Bloggers Years ago I took a

It’s N.R.B.Q. Baby

Here is a tale of musical connections. The string starts in 1972 when I was an Assistant Scoutmaster for Troop 56 , Forest Hills ,