Cigar Events: afoul weather day

Cigar Events: A cold rain day. Keep Smoking Advertisements

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Cigar Events: Godfather of cigar emporiums

Cigar events: Follow me. Keep Smoking

Lifestyle: Shades of Harvard Square

Lifestyle: welcome to the square. Keep Smoking

Cigar events: Another blast from the past

Cigar events: Here is another older post from one of my favorite cigar lounges/cigars in the country. Keep smoking Visit to Levitt and Peirce Cigar

Cigar news: Been a long, long time

Cigar news:  Actually been out-of-town for about a week which put a crimp in the world. Smoked one cigar which was this past Saturday

Cigar events: old,old school

Cigar events: the granddaddy of cigar stores Keep smoking

Cigar Lifestyle: Beauty for the common people

Cigar Lifestyle: Great photo taken in Harvard Square in front of Leavitt and Peirce Tobacco. ( Credit: Gargoyles and Grotesques) Keep smoking   New post

Cigar News you can use: The Hub rules

Cigar News: Back in the 1980’s I worked in downtown Boston about 3 blocks from Ehlich’s Pipe and Cigar. Every couple of weeks I would

Cigar Events: Short video about Leveritt and Peirce

Cigar events: Video short  of my visit to L and P in Cambridge Keep smoking

Cigar Event: Back in Cambridge, mid 1980’s

Cigar Event: A cigar tale in Cambridge, Ma. mid 1980’s Cigar guys tend to gravitate towards each other,  even  with distinct and different backgrounds. The first

It’s a Man’s Drink but Women can drink it too

Lifestyle: Event Moxie beverage  was once the most popular soda product in the United States. It is also a word  that we use to show

Creative and Confident

                                   Advice to Bloggers Years ago I took a