Music/Lifestyle: Music for the soul and other concepts too.

Music/Lifestyle: There is nothing like a Grateful Dead concert. Keep smoking 12.30.18 Controlled Danger Las Vegas, Nevada Available Soon 5.31.19 Dead & Company Mountain View,

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Music/Lifestyle: If you need a hit of the Dead , here it is

Music/lifestyle: Ionic songs from the Grateful Dead. Keeping the flame alive. Keep smoking

Cigar events: Friday Frolic or jump like a Willy’s in four wheel drive

Cigar events: For Dead Heads you get the title reference. If not a DH, you have homework to do. Keep smoking    

Music/lifestyle: Dead and Company ,set list, Keep on Trucking boys

Music/lifestyle:  They will be in LA tonight. Not going , do not like concerts in Dodger Stadium and it’s a royal butt pain getting there

Music/Lifestyle: You need this, Grateful Dead flying on vibes.

Music/Lifestyle:  Sometimes the Dead just went through the motions. Not here. Keep smoking  

Cigar Lifestyle: Best of both worlds

Lifestyle: The Grateful Dead scores with this great t-shirt. Unfortunately for me, it is a backorder for my size.   Keep smoking  

Cigar Events: The Dead approve

Cigar events:  Really the Dead have nothing to do with my video. Just happened to be wearing Dead shirt from the famed Cornell concert in

Music/Lifestyle: Allman Brothers Jam

Music/Lifestyle: I am back in the 1970’s again and it feels great. Grateful Dead into the Brothers jam. Keep smoking      

Music/Lifestyle: Dead and Company

Music/Lifestyle: Was at this concert and it was  a good version of this ionic jam from the Dead. You got to love them for surviving

News: Music/lifestyle Cigars

Cigar news/lifestyle Music   For all Deadheads who  walk the walk, and everyone else Happy Holidays to all Keep smoking  

New Riders of the Purple Sage

One of the many subsets of the Grateful Dead, NRPS were a great compliment to the Dead Family. They could stand alone on their merits

The Grateful Dead and Cigars

For those who know my history , I am a Dead Head. Not the extreme Dead Head who travels all over the country , going