Cigar events: Mandi the social media influencer

Cigar events: She is never wrong. Keep Smoking Advertisements

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Cigar events: Mandi sends me in the right direction

Cigar news: You are always right with a Macanudo Inspirado orange Keep Smoking

Lifestyle: The education of Mandi

Lifestyle:Mandi is always learning. Keep Smoking

Cigar events; Double header, good field, good hit

Cigar events: Mandi and me grooving Keep Smoking

Lifestyle: Pensive Mandi

Lifestyle: Mandi deep in thoughts. K Keep Smoking

Cigar events: She leads,I listen

Cigar events: Mandi as always knows best. Keep Smoking

Cigar Events: Not in the name of politics

Cigar events; Not every thing is a zero sum game. Keep Smoking

Lifestyle: Hide in plain sight

Lifestyle: Don’t look. Keep Smoking

Lifestyle: From the city projects to never famous

Lifestyle: Two old cronies from the projects in Long Island City Queens, meet once more 50 years later.  The best is yet to come. Keep

Cigar events: Sunday with Mandi

Cigar events: She leads and I follow.  Keep smoking

Cigar Events: the dog told me to do this

Cigar events; I had no choice. Keep Smoking

Cigar events: slumming in Santa Monica

Cigar events: the saint patties day trek. Keep smoking

Lifestyle: excitement watching the Westminster Dog show

Lifestyle: Mandi and Cheetah betting on the winner. Keep smoking

Cigar events: Mucho La Palina

Cigar events: Have lots of La Palina products in my stash. Might as well smoke with Mandi as my company. Keep smoking

Cigar events: the dog knows

Cigar events: she leads by example. Keep smoking

Cigar events: Mandi knows cigars

Cigar events: Finally drying out. Keep smoking

Cigar Events: Mandi after a hard workout

Cigar events: cool paw Mandi. Keep smoking

Cigar events: tonight

Cigar events: Reward for a busy week. Keep smoking

Cigar events: cool animals

Cigar events: my pets know every thing. Keep smoking

Cigar events: Dogs rule

Cigar events: Humid in Santa Monica and we know who the boss is. Keep smoking

Cigar events: Tommy, can you hear me?

Cigar events: While I hung out waiting to pick up Mandi from doggie day care , figured this was a good way to spend the

Cigar events: Perdomo Habano at the abode

Cigar events: With Mandi enjoying the sun. Keep Smoking

Cigar Events: Thurday afternoon at the abode

Cigar events: Cooling my heels with a house blend from Holt’s cigars. No big review but a pleasant enough cigar for short money.  Mild, somewhat

Second thoughts

Cigar Review: I tried the Gispert Corona this evening as I was playing with Mandi the dog after work. Maybe it was aging it for

Mandi the Imp Dog

Events Mandi the Dog showing her stuff.  Keep smoking

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