Cigar events; Double header, good field, good hit

Cigar events: Mandi and me grooving Keep Smoking Advertisements

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Lifestyle: Pensive Mandi

Lifestyle: Mandi deep in thoughts. K Keep Smoking

Cigar events: She leads,I listen

Cigar events: Mandi as always knows best. Keep Smoking

Cigar Events: Not in the name of politics

Cigar events; Not every thing is a zero sum game. Keep Smoking

Lifestyle: Hide in plain sight

Lifestyle: Don’t look. Keep Smoking

Lifestyle: From the city projects to never famous

Lifestyle: Two old cronies from the projects in Long Island City Queens, meet once more 50 years later.  The best is yet to come. Keep

Cigar events: Sunday with Mandi

Cigar events: She leads and I follow.  Keep smoking

Cigar Events: the dog told me to do this

Cigar events; I had no choice. Keep Smoking

Cigar events: slumming in Santa Monica

Cigar events: the saint patties day trek. Keep smoking

Lifestyle: excitement watching the Westminster Dog show

Lifestyle: Mandi and Cheetah betting on the winner. Keep smoking

Cigar events: Mucho La Palina

Cigar events: Have lots of La Palina products in my stash. Might as well smoke with Mandi as my company. Keep smoking

Cigar events: the dog knows

Cigar events: she leads by example. Keep smoking

Cigar events: Mandi knows cigars

Cigar events: Finally drying out. Keep smoking

Cigar Events: Mandi after a hard workout

Cigar events: cool paw Mandi. Keep smoking

Cigar events: tonight

Cigar events: Reward for a busy week. Keep smoking

Cigar events: cool animals

Cigar events: my pets know every thing. Keep smoking

Cigar events: Dogs rule

Cigar events: Humid in Santa Monica and we know who the boss is. Keep smoking

Cigar events: Tommy, can you hear me?

Cigar events: While I hung out waiting to pick up Mandi from doggie day care , figured this was a good way to spend the

Cigar events: Perdomo Habano at the abode

Cigar events: With Mandi enjoying the sun. Keep Smoking

Cigar Events: Thurday afternoon at the abode

Cigar events: Cooling my heels with a house blend from Holt’s cigars. No big review but a pleasant enough cigar for short money.  Mild, somewhat

Second thoughts

Cigar Review: I tried the Gispert Corona this evening as I was playing with Mandi the dog after work. Maybe it was aging it for

Mandi the Imp Dog

Events Mandi the Dog showing her stuff.  Keep smoking

After work, cigar break

Cigar Event A brief moment in time, smoking an H. Upmann, short corona Habano  as Mandi the dog is chasing the ball. It’s always a

Cheetah the Cat

Cheetah is a cat of personality, humor and a mind of his own

My dog made me do this

Cigar review: Don Jorge Cigars I was planning to sleep in this morning as I rise at 5 am for work during the week. apparently

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