Lifestyle: wanting attention?

Lifestyle: who’s the boss? Keep smoking Advertisements

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Lifestyle: 3 faces of Miss Ruthie

Lifestyle: Cute or not ? Keep smoking

Cat Lifestyle: Cheetah knows all

Lifestyle: Pets rule but they sure are expensive

Lifestyle: Furry family         I have two wonderful cats and a loving small dog. They give me so much pleasure, fun and

Lifestyle: Pets of Influence

Events: Here are several photos of my pets that I have shared my life with. Not the complete team but all have given me love.

Cigar Lifestyle: the good, the bad and the ?

Cigar events: It’s old news already that I suffered an injury and will be on the shelf for several months. The recovery will be work

Cigar Events: Another challenging day

Cigar Events: It’s been two weeks today since my knee injury and have come up with some thoughts. 1. Since this was my first serious

Cigar events: On injured reserve

  Lifestyles : Staying healthy Perhaps I have been fortunate , lucky , healthy or a combination of all, but the first serious injury of  my

My pets rule the world

                  Lifestyle, Pets, Conspiracy   Coming home last night  from a restaurant , this is the scene that