Cigar events: Who is more vintage?

Cigar events: Old but hip. Keep smoking Advertisements

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Cigar events: Pour me another drink and smoke with a cigar friend

Cigar events: A splendid time at Porter Valley Country Club with friends gathering for a night of drink, smoke fine food and good times. Hosted

Cigar events: Shoes for industry

Cigar events: For Firesign Theatre Fans Keep Smoking

Cigar events: prepping for the new kitchen

Cigar events: Needed a break Keep Smoking

Cigar events: Punch for the rest of us

Cigar Events: Don’t try too hard. Keep Smoking

Cigar News you can use: Reporting new stuff

Cigar news: Cigar Aficionado putting out the latest from General Cigar and Punch. Keep smoking   General Adds New Sizes To Powerful Punch Diablo The

Cigar events: Trump blockade and grid lock

Cigar events: Trump entourage blocking LA roads so got to relax with this. Keep Smoking

Cigar review: Punch Rare Corojo

Cigar reviews:  I have always admired the unique shape of the Punch Champion. It’s ugly but in a handsome way. What that means is anyone’s

Cigar review: Punch rare corojo champion, pre rap

Cigar review: coming down the road. Keep smoking

Cigar news you can use: Move to the present : reported by Cigar Aficionado/Punch rebranding

Cigar news: Punch a favorite brand of mine will now be sporting a new design and look. The products will hopefully retain their full-bodied appeal

Cigar events: Govern by nonsense

Cigar events: Nothing gets done. Keep smoking

Cigar events: birthday cigar after the fact

Cigar events: chilling at the Lone Wolf Cigar Lounge. Keep smoking

Cigar events: No anger zone

Cigar Events: Not in the SFV

Cigar event: Los Angeles people know the difference. Keep smoking

Cigar events: Punching the afternoon away

Cigar Events: Not faking it. Keep smoking

Cigar events: cigar for my sins

Cigar events: making amends for my past year. Keep smoking

Cigar review: Devil made me do it.

         Cigar review: My father always called the Devil , Diablo when I was a kid. I think he felt it was

Cigar events: almost lost in the ozone

Cigar events: Punch me anytime

Cigar events: Every day is a Punch day. Keep smoking

Cigar events: Sunday Los Angeles

Cigar events: The cream rises. Keep smoking

Cigar news you can use: The Punch test. Press release from Punch and General Cigars

Cigar news:  You got to love it. Punch cigars goes to another level to satisfy cigar tastes everywhere. Keep smoking  

Cigar Events: Not looking for answers

Cigar events: My own event with Punch Cigars in the afternoon in Los Angeles. Keep smoking  

Cigar News you can use: Pleased as Punch

Cigar news; Not bragging but Punch Cigars toots their own horn. Keep smoking      

Ciger News you can use: Strong but now stronger.

Cigar News : Punch  Cigar Press Release     Punch makes a mean cigar, flavorful and full of spice. Here we go with a new

Cigar Events: Friday and we are sitting pretty

Cigar Events:  Physical Therapy , then Punch London Club and chilly scene in Los Angeles. Keep smoking

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