Cigar News you can use: Change is good

Cigar news: Scandinavian Tobacco Group N.A. press release Keep smoking Changes in Management of Scandinavian Tobacco Group’s North America Branded Business Division Advertisements

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Cigar news you can use: Sales going up?

Cigar news: Premium cigar sales up, machine-made cigars down. That’s the news folks. Keep smoking Handmade cigar sales rise, but machine-made cigar sales fall Scandinavian

Cigar News you can use: Insight from the top tobacco minds.

Cigar news: Vision and innovation make companies take calculated risks. You cannot grow your market if you are  hesitant in making change. Neils Frederiksen of

Cigar news you can use: As the cigar world turns

Cigar news:  This is a biggie.  Thompson of Tampa one of best known of the giant catalogue stores is now part of the Scandinavian Tobacco