Lifestyle: I got the Baseball Blues

Lifestyle: Baseball Lament or a 3 and 2 count, bases empty   Baseball is my go to sport. My first real remembrance of enjoying the

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Baseball news you can use: From NBC Sports.

Baseball news: The Red Sox ink pitcher of the moment to a new deal. Keep smoking Nathan Eovaldi re-signs with the Red Sox By Craig CalcaterraDec

Lifestyle: From the LA Times newspaper : Vic “the Brick” Jacobs

Lifestyle: LA sports personality who I met in 1975 and played pick up basketball with at Cortland State. Tenacity pays off. Keep smoking Vic the

Fitness/Sports lifestyle: Every 4 years

Lifestyle:   It would be difficult for me to name 5 world-class soccer players. Years ago I would probably know but not even sure of

Sports News you can use: Hurt again.

Sports news: Jacoby Ellsbury seems to spend more time on the disabled list than actually playing baseball. He parlayed a couple of outstanding seasons with

Lifestyle/Sports News you can use: Red Sox need some love

Cigar News/ Sports: You would think the Red Sox are a last place team heading into the 2018 season. The Yankees made lots of splashy

New York , New York

Sports/Lifestyle: Commentary  Coming into work today I was wondering when the last time a New York City area  major sports franchise won a championship. I