Every one is a critic

This past Saturday I went to a birthday party to celebrate a 30 something age group birthday. I am sure I was the oldest person present but that was cool as they were nice folks.
People were smoking cigarettes outside and it appeared that was not a problem.  At least no one said anything.  I was prepared for the event and had a short corona Hoya Cubana with me. I lit up staying  away from the cigarette smokers and enjoying the smoke. No complaints , no hassle.
However a new batch of people came to the party and as they arrived a woman commented how the cigar smelled. Mind you I was the only cigar smoker yet there were 5 or so cigarette smokers puffing away at the same time.  Of course there was nary a remark about the cigarette smoke.  I said nothing , smiled and finished my hand crafted cigar. The moral of this story? Not really sure but I guess just enjoy your cigar despite what people think.

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