Cigars and implements

When you smoke a cigar there is a whole world of toys that can be used to cut it, light it and maintain it.  You can just flick your Bic and get the show started. Others try for a more showy or civilized approach.
Cutters run from punches,  v cuts and guillotines to name a couple.  Each cutter has it’s own merits, designs and costs.  Some of them can run into hundreds of dollars or more.
As for me I have several different cutters and it depends more on mood for me which one I will use. If I am traveling I will bring a cheaper cutter as not to lose it. They do not as a rule give your cigar an attractive or accurate cut but most of the time they do the job.
My favorite company for cutters and lighters however is Xikar a very good quality outfit. I use their cutters and lighters almost exclusively on my better, higher priced cigars.  Presently I own two of their cutters and three lighters.  They are well crafted and are easy to maintain and use. What I truly like about their products is their policy of 100% guaranteed, no questions asked if the product fails to operate.  This has happened several times to me with both lighters and cutters. Not sure if this was a quality control issue or not but they were true to their word. I sent the products in question back to their headquarters and in about a week, received a brand new product.  One time they could not duplicate the lighter as it was a special model but they delivered something very close to the original.
I could not complain at all . In effect, there are companies that back their wares up. Xikar is great about that and overall enjoy their products too.

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