A cigar of note San Cristobal De Habana

San Cristobal De Habana is not a Cuban cigar which makes the top tier list with everyone. Limited production and distribution is part of the reason . It is also not a cigar for everyone’s flavor palate. A stronger blend which might not appeal to the less experienced cigar smoker. 

Here are my thoughts on this blend.
Slightly veiny with a reddish hue, well crafted and solid construction with no soft spots. Pleasing to the touch.
Initially the taste was a bit charred and bitter, wondered if this was a cigar that would disappoint. It was spicy but that was not an issue as often times I like a cigar rush in the beginning of a smoke.
20 minutes or so into the smoke, it mellowed out and the bitterness was totally gone. Now it was smooth and felt a great deal better about how this was going to go.

The burn was a bit uneven as you can see but not a major sticking point.

You need to give this smoke time to develop and appreciate the whole cigar. It become even smoother as we approached the meaty portion.

You need an hour or so to capture all the characteristics of the smoke. Cuban cigars are earthy as a rule with a whole range of  flavors. This cigar is no exception and overall a very good smoking experience. I rate it 3.8 out of 5. Not quite top notch but aging would have probably helped a bit.
Smoke away.

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