Cigar Friendly

An expensive resort to be sure but the Terranea Resort in Rancho Palos Verdes is a cigar friendly resort which has a very large outdoor patio where you can smoke if you are so inclined.
The views are wonderful and the Patio Bar has a small selection of cigars if you need to grab one. I advise that you bring your own smokes, grab your favorite beverage from the bar and take it all in.  Drinks also are on the high side but you need to live it up once in awhile.
Service is great, the conversation with guests flows very easily. The guests are from all over the US. In fact, I met 3 people from Somerville , Ma. who noticed I was wearing a Boston Red Sox hat and commented on it.
Find out they know the old neighborhoods I lived in.
Take a look at some of the views from the Patio vantage point.

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