We have all been here before: Falto cigars

I purchased this cigar from a small cigar B and M in Brentwood a couple of weeks ago upon the recommendation of the owner. He labeled it as an outstanding cigar. The Falto brand sounded familiar but could not  remember if I had one before. There are so many brands that are boutique brands.

 According to the website the cigar I had was , ” magnificent cigar that is continuously underrated .”
My review will examine this statement.
Name of cigar brand and cigar: Falto Deliro
Size: 6.5 X 42
Wrapper: Dominican  Corojo
Binder: Dominican Republic
Filler: Dominican Republic
Shape: Lonsdale
Price: 15.00
Purchased: Cigarama, Los Angeles, 10/3/2015
Smoked: Los Angeles, 10/4/2015 

Appearance/ construction: Attractrive with a brown/ reddish wrapper. No soft spots or obvious faults or blemishes. Well made smoke with a earthy aroma. Very good presentation of band and color.
Rating : 4 out of 5
Flavor/taste:  The first smoke had a a subtle blend of mint and chocolate with a good burn. I thought it would be a bit more spicy but that was not the story. Creamy, smooth and a nutty flavor too.

Smoking   Characteristics: Some cigars are consistent with little deviation. Other smokes are all over the place. The Falto Deliro was hard to figure out. Each puff seemed to have a life of it’s own. The cigar was pleasant enough with an occasional hit of pepper but the main theme was a bit weak in flavor. Did not really have a character that made me either like it or dislike it. I guess most folks would call it bland.

The burn was a bit off but do not think this killed the blend.
Conclusion / Overall Impression:
The price was extreme but that might have been the B and M’s choice and decision. If it was 5-7 dollars cheaper my opinion would be the same. While I support small cigars firms the product still has to be good and this cigar was not of that model. Nothing in this cigar was particularly exciting or noteworthy . Would try other blends from Falto but this was not a keeper.
Overall it would rate between a 3 despite it’s positive look and construction .  I would hope the rest of their products are better.

Keep smoking 

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