Small cigar, big taste

7-20-4 Cigars are a small boutique company which make very good products. I have been fortunate in discovering them several years ago however their products are not a staple in the Los Angeles area.   Here is my review of the Hustler Dog Walker cigar.

Brand/ Name of Cigar: 7-20-4 Hustler Dog Walker
Country of Origin: Honduras
Size; 4.5 x 40
Wrapper: Ecuador, Brazil
Binder: Costa Rica
Filler: Honduras, Nicaragua
Shape: Petit Corona
Price: $6.00. I purchased a box of 20 from Famous Cigars on sale for $63.00
When and where smoked:  1/16/16, Los Angeles, Ca.

Appearance/Construction: Barber pole style with a dark and light shade of wrapper. Oily feel with a pigtail cap. The label is pretty bold in style which I think is cool. Slightly veiny but overall appearance is very solid.


Flavor/Taste and Aroma: Started with some coffee and nutty notes. Medium in taste but was expecting a cigar with more spice. Even burn, slow and very flavorful. A great start for  a small cigar.

Smoking Characteristics : Nice dark ash which held it’s shape and very good draw. Continued to be nutty and coffee in flavor. Half way through the smoke had a minor issue of needing a relight. Started to get a new flavor of pepper and spice. Gave it a nice edge. It gave the cigar more character.
2/3 into the smoke the pepper started to dominate. Not a bland cigar.

Overall I smoked it to the nub.

Overall impressions / Conclusion: I am definitely a fan of this brand. I have now smoked four of their products and all have been first rate. However, local B and M’s seem to be totally unaware of it or at least in the LA region. Your best best is to purchase it on line. The price tends to be a bit high but what is an extra dollar if you are enjoying yourself. This is top tier cigar.

Appearance/ Construction: 4.5 out of 5
Flavor and Aroma: 4.0 out of 5
Smoking Characteristics: 4.0 out of 5
Overall Impression: 4.2 out of 5

This is a buy for your humidor. If you are a smart shopper load up on a box or two.

Keep smoking

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