Royalty has arrived.

Several weeks ago, I was speaking to a employee of the cigar lounge I am a member of and he spoke of Caldwell cigars. He was trying to get the lounge to carry this line. I was not familiar with Caldwell cigars but he said it was worth finding and suggested I smoke them.
Fast forward and I was asked to review one of their smokes from the folks at The cigar gods work in wonderful ways.
As always, my opinion is not influenced by how and where I get the cigar. This cigar was given to me gratis by Here are my thoughts.

Brand/ Name of Cigar; Caldwell Cigars/ The King is Dead Premier

Country of Origin: Dominican Republic

Size: 5 X 50, Robusto

Wrapper: Dominican Republic Negrito
Filler: Dominican Republic
Binder: Dominican Republic
Price : $ 8.38 single, $187.89 box of 24
Purchase and Date Purchased;, given to me to review, no cost involved.

Appearance/ Construction: Catchy looking cigar band, firm to the touch, no soft spots or obvious blemishes. Dark brown in appearance, small veins in the wrapper. Pig tail which is well placed and looks good.  Appearance is impressive, a great deal of thought and care went into this smoke.
A good calling card for this cigar.                     

Flavor/ Taste and Aroma:
Initial taste gives me a hit of chocolate and fruit, (apple, pear). Rich tasting , no heat and not overbearing. It is smooth to the max. If this blend continues in this manner, hope the cigar will last for 7 hours. Keep the mojo going. Smells earthy, as if a gardener delicately pulled it from the ground.

Throw in some mint and this compliments the other flavors already in the mix.

Smoking Characteristics:
Even burn, no harsh or hot surges. Ash was light grey with one re light which was probably my fault. I am grooving on this smoke, or better put by the music group, the Rascals,

” Groovin” on a Sunday afternoon.

Conclusion/ Overall Impression:
This is one of the best smokes I have had this year. It does exactly what you expect in a very good smoke. Flavorful, enjoyable to smoke and no battles to keep it going. It lasted about 1 hour and would have liked another 1/2 hour to make it even more of a fine time. I would like to think a larger ring size would produce the extra time I would have liked. I have one more to try which I will do at a later date. Perhaps I will do a short follow  up to let the folks know how number 2 performs.

Here is the final tab:

Appearance/ Construction: 4.2 our of 5.
Flavor/ Taste and Aroma:4.5 out of 5
Smoking Characteristics: 4 out of 5
Conclusion/ Overall Impression: 4. 3 out of 5

You definitely need to bring this blend to your roost. It was a top flight cigar.
Keep smoking

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