Not pretty but…….

J. Fuego Origen, 4 pack Sampler

This is a very funky looking smoke with a quirky nature to it. However, what it lacks in looks, it makes up for flavor. Often times we desire a shorter smoke but do not want to give up what a higher price point cigar might yield.  This baby really kills it for me.  
A couple of point to note. It is best to let them sit in your humidor for several weeks. The construction may be tight and hard. Sometimes it may be difficult to figure out what end to light, they are already pre cut. This is not a problem, you can choose either end. 
If you are worried what your buddies think when smoking them, either hand them a freebie or get new friends.  This cigar is not going to win any beauty contests but who cares?
I am not going to give you a blow by blow review of this smoke. You can figure it out yourself. 
Here is my summary of this sampler.
1. They are funny looking
2. They taste great.
3. They are inexpensive.
4. I like the packaging.
5. I keep re ordering them
6. Famous Cigars better not run out of them.
7. J Fuego keep them in your line up.
8. The blends are different from each other.
9. If you don’t like them, there is something wrong with you.
10. Keep your sense of humor when you smoke them.
Keep smoking

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