A great link for alcohol and cigar pairings from Famous Cigars.

Sometimes we like our cigar to have a complementary beverage which enhances the enjoyment of the smoke.
Famous Cigar, a well known cigar catalogue company has a great link for this very purpose. Put in the data and you will be directed to an appropriate match.
A very good feature for all cigar brethren.

I am not that knowledgeable about pairings with cigars. That is why a link of this type will make choices easier and give you many options. I suggest you give it a try and would to hear thoughts.

This is a well thought out program as I tried it out  with a bourbon choice. They asked for a price range, what activity I was doing ( some are whimsical,) but the others are not too serious either .  They came up with a choice based on my criteria and voila suggested a Cohiba Toro Tube.

If you like this link  let them know and perhaps buy the cigars they suggest. You needed to fill up your humidor anyway.

Keep smoking

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