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This was a prize winner from Cigar Aficionado several years  back.  I originally tried it and thought it was a good smoke but not sure it merited cigar of the year. Now am going to revisit the cigar. It was purchased  as part of a sampler from Lone Wolf Cigar Lounge in Los Angeles. I suggest you make your own opinion but how and where I received the smoke does not influence my thoughts. 

Brand/ Name of Cigar: Oliva Serie V Melanio Churchill
Country of Origin: Nicaragua 
Size: 7 x 50
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sumatra
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Shape: Churchill
Price:  Sampler
Purchase : Lone Wolf Cigar Lounge
Where and When Smoked: Los Angeles , Ca. 1/8/17

Appearance and Construction:

Impressive brown hue, box pressed with a striking cigar band. The cigar was firm to the touch with a oily feel, smooth texture and several small veins showing.  Very attractive looking as a higher priced, well constructed smoke should be.

Flavor /Taste and Aroma:

Rich chocolate complexity  with a creamy , coffee influenced nuance. Liked the overall taste which was developing over a period of time. No blasts of spice or pepper. Would describe it as a medium to full bodied blend. The first third was exactly what I hoped for.

Smoking Characteristics :

This cigar is built for the long haul with a good looking solid grey ass, staying lit, with no construction or tunneling issues. Even burn, cool and no hot spots. It continued to have the same flavor profile as in the first third, no surprises hitting me which is a good thing.

Conclusion/Overall Impression:
I had a slight issue during the last third with the burn and also received a flinty taste.  A cigar of this nature should be consistent throughout which did not happen. It did effect the overall enjoyment of the smoke.
Final Thoughts :
The numbers:

Appearance and Construction: 4.2 out of 5
Flavor/Taste and Aroma: 3.8 out of 5
Smoking Characteristics : 3. 8 out of 5
Conclusion/ Overall Impression : 4 out 5
A smoke that pretty much delivers what you hope for.  Cigar of the year? Not sure about that but everyone makes their own judgment. I would buy this again and smoke it a couple a times a year. The best cigar is always a very opinionated decision. If you have desire to spend for a high end cigar , give this a shot. 
Keep smoking

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