Cigar Review: Black is Black, Hoyo La Amistad






IMG_0119.jpgCigar review: Eventually I got  to review this cigar that was highly touted in it’s initial release. If I am fortunate enough , a company will send me several samples and voila , a review will be forthcoming. That is the case of the Hoyo La Amistad by A.J. Fernandez , a General Cigar product. If not , I buy the cigar. 

As we also know, how and where I receive the smoke does not influence my subjective opinion. Try it for yourself and decide if it is a cigar worth smoking.

Brand/ Name of Cigar: Hoyo/ La Amistad Dark Sumatra by AJ Fernandez

Country of Origin: Nicaragua

Size: 5 3/4 x 54

Wrapper: Ecuador, Sumatra

Binder: Connecticut Broadleaf

Filler: Domincan, Hondurian , Nicaraguan

Shape: Media Noche

Price; MSRP : Box of 25, app. $190.00

Received gratis from General Cigar for review

Where and When Smoked: Los Angeles, Lone Wolf Cigar Lounge, 9/20/19

Appearance/Construction: Yup, this is a very dark cigar with an oily wrapper that glistens in the light. Smooth to the touch with several small veins. Solid construction, no soft spots or obvious faults. A good looking band enhances how dark this cigar is.

Flavor/Taste and Aroma: First third: Immediate hit of black pepper, full of power but not overwhelming. I also tasted a mix of cashews and another nut like taste.

Second third: More pepper and spice which cranked up the intensity of the blend. I should try lying down  as we move forward in this smoking endeavor.

Final third: The nicotine became killer and  was feeling somewhat out of control. I liked the cigar but wondered if I needed to eat a full meal before I smoked. I stopped smoking for about 10 minutes so I could grab some water and take a break.
I finished up the cigar very cautiously without any further head rushes.

Smoking Characteristics:  Very good burn, no hot spots , stayed lit. Ash was medium to dark color.

Conclusion/Overall Impression: You need to be a professional cigar smoker to handle this blend. The flavor was intense, very smooth but you might want to jump in a shower after finishing the smoke.  I like dark, ful, bodied cigars but I needed to prep better for this one. Not the fault of the cigar, it was my lack of planning. A five pack could be in order but not as an everyday cigar.

Final Thoughts and the Numbers: The cigar has been cooling it’s heels for about 2 months in my humidor. Will try it again in another two months so see if it mellows out a bit. It’s a buy for the seasoned cigar person only.

Appearance/Construction: 4 out of 5

Flavor/Taste and Aroma: 3.5 out of 5

Smoking Characteristics: 4 out of 5

Conclusion/Overall Impression: 3.8 out of 5

Keep smoking

Let me know your thoughts and feedback, thanks for your support.

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