Lifestyle: Cigars, Food and the Like

Lifestyle: All of us know how much smoking cigars means to us. We also know the other pieces in this quest are food and drink. 

I am limited in my knowledge in both of these categories but decided to make them a much larger part of my website. Please note I have made this change of one of my banners on my title page. 

Will be trying to learn more about these two subjects and will be presenting more information, news about food and drink. 

There are thousands of blogs that feature both of these topics and of course, shows, on tv and radio, podcasts, magazines and all forms of media. 

I have a great deal of catching up to do.

Please note , my cigar blogging will not change , neither will my other interests such as fitness, music and lifestyle. I am just adding another layer of fun things to the blog.

Keep smoking

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