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Cigar news: Nice writeup about a local business in Florida

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If you visit the absolutely beautiful downtown area of Naples, Florida, do yourself a favor and go two blocks off the main street to Eighth Street South and that is where you will find Marcus Daniel Tobacconist.  This pristine cigar lounge looks like no other.  Outside of the store there are many comfortable sofas and chairs where one can sit and enjoy the serine street life of Naples. Inside, the client enters a different world where all of the senses are made to believe that you have teleported to a cigar shop in Havana.  The décor, furniture, music and aromas of the cigars are all within the theme and are all on point.

Marcus Daniel, for which the shop is named, actually comes from Northern California.  His great-grandparents planted the original wine vines in that region.  He is a hunter of gourmet tobaccos and travels constantly to find the right ingredients in which to cook the stew.  The fruits of his labor can be tasted in the exquisite cigars that make up his dossier of goodies that are available for purchase.

The cigars are gourmet. They are a blend available only to Marcus Daniel.  When going through the array of flavors present in the cigars from this tobacconist, the consumer will realize that these cigars have a truly unique taste that I would describe as earthy and sweet.  And they are all wonderfully constructed.  There are no alcoholic beverage available at Marcus Daniel, but the coffee is so delicious that you won’t long for anything more.

So sit out on the sidewalk lounge, or enjoy the cozy setting inside the store.  Either way you will hit the pause button on life and take a brief vacation as you meditate on the beautiful surroundings and consume the wonderful cigars and coffee of this treasure of a cigar shop.

Cigar rolling is done on the premises 


Marcus Daniel Cigar Merchant

609 8th St. South
Naples, FL 34102
(239) 435-1277

Food available: no
Cigars available: yes
Alcoholic drinks: no
Coffee and soft drinks: yes


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