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Are Tobacco Sold in Cans?
by Smoker’s Outlet Online

Sure – Prince Albert comes in cans.

When it comes to pipe tobacco with a good history, Prince Albert is one such product. The product is named after Edward VII before Prince Albert ascended kingship. You’d find his portrait on the can.

After almost a century, Prince Albert has maintained its position as one of the top-selling tobacco products across the United States.

Bags vs Cans? It’s common to find pipe tobaccos in bags. But Prince Albert comes packaged in cans. Although it is available in 1.5-ounce bags, the tobacco’s typical red can is unique and iconic. These cans contain as much as 14 ounces of top quality Burley tobacco.

Flavors As with other tobacco manufacturers, Prince Albert is available in five distinctive flavors, including Cherry Vanilla, Crimp Cut, Soft Vanilla Cavendish, Albert Mellow.

How Do I Know a Good Pipe Tobacco Brand? Good pipe tobaccos come from a strict production process, which starts with cultivating the tobacco. Growing the finest strains is a critical phase in the farming process. The curing, blending, and flavoring processes are done with the utmost precision. This allows the final product to retain the best quality across all production batches.

So, regardless of whether you go for the Prince Albert cans or other options, settle for pipe tobacco with top quality and at a great price.

Where to Buy Pipe Tobacco Note that tobaccos do not have to come in cans to be of top quality. When searching for a good smoke, you’d find a lot of products packed in bags. Here are some premium pipe tobaccos that come in bags:

● Wind River;

● OHM Pipe;

● Largo Pipe;

● Hot Rod;

● Good Stuff;

● Golden Leaf;

● Golden Harvest;

● Gambler Dream Catcher;

● Direct Buy;

● Criss Cross;

● American Club Expanded;

● 4 Aces.

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