Pipe events: The ideal pipe for a casual pipe smoker?

Pipe events: I marvel at the craftsmanship of a well made, crafted pipe.  The eye for detail, the design of the product is really mind blowing to me. 

I also find the prices equally as mind blowing but am very aware how labor extensive making a pipe is. The pipe websites have countless examples of pipe making at it’s best.

I do own several pipes but none are considered top of the line pipes. Many years ago I was given by a friend a handful of pipes that were solidly made but not heavy hitters. 

Eventually they were all given away to others as they were just gathering dust on a shelve. I kept one just in case the urge to smoke a pipe came back.  Most of my smoking friends were cigar people and would never consider smoking a pipe. 

Until it was torn down , the original Santa Monica  Tinder Box was the go to establishment to buy a pipe.  On occasion I would venture to this edifice to either get a cigar or pipe tobacco and there were always a group of men smoking their pipes in the shop and I think comparing notes. The place was ramshackle, but displayed a vast array of pipes of all types and price points.  The Tinder Box was a classic but curtailed their activity in 2017. 

What brought these thoughts on was an article in a trade Publication called Tobacco Business about the Missouri Meerschaum Company which has been around for 151 years. 

The overall brand has been selling their trademark pipes to novices and experienced pipe smokers with a product which is well made, inexpensive and fun to smoke.

I would suggest reading the piece to get a great understanding of the appeal of a corn cob pipe. 

For my part, I just bought my second corn cob pipe to use when I am in the mood for a pipe interlude. I also have 3 other briar pipes which are part of my minor collection.

Mostly I am a cigar smoker but the pipe is a nice way to change things up and I enjoy the corn cob pipe more than the briars. 

Could be I have never tried an expensive briar which could change my mind but will not spend  the requisite cash to acquire one. 

For the moment , the go to pipe will be the Corn Cob .

Keep smoking 

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