Cigar news you can use: New to the world

Cigar events: Not a review but an announcement. I enjoy Diesel Cigars , they produce a well crafted, solid product. They are not the first choice of many cigar smokers but they do have a steady following.
They recently announced a limited release smoke named ” Sunday Gravy.” In their own words: ” Sunday Gravy will be a full-time line under Diesel and will feature seasonally-released Nicaraguan-forward smoke, blended and handcrafted through Diesel’s winning partnership of AJ Fernandez and Justin Andrews.
Blends will be released quarently , sold until their limited supply is deleted and offered at an unbelievable SRP of less than $5.00 per cigar. ”
The facts of the blend: Three varieties of Cuban-seed tobacco. The wrapper is Ecuadorian Habano, the binder is Nicaraguan Esteli and the filler is Nicaraguan Jalapa.
This is not a review but if I ever get my act together again, I will write a review of this special new cigar.

Keep smoking.

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