Cigar reviews you can use: Quick Review , Cohiba / Serie M

Again this is not a full detailed review but at least the basic information might help you in checking out this new cigar from Cohiba and General Cigar.

* Brand/Name of Cigar: Cohiba

* Country of Origin: United States Size: 6 x 52
* Wrapper: Nicaraguan Corojo, Binder: Nicaraguan Esteli, Filler: Dominican Piloto Cubano
* Shape: Toro, MSRP: 29.90 Received gratis from General Cigar for review.
*Appearance/Construction: Exceptionally good looking cigar with an attractive band. Medium brown wrapper, oily to the touch with firm construction.
*Flavor/Taste and Aroma: First third: Pepper, mint and almond mix. Second third: Added to the blend mild coffee, cocoa. Final third: Citrus, orange peel and nuts add a delightful addition to the cigar. Mint seems to dominate the overall taste.
* Smoking Characteristics: Well made, no burn issues or relights needed. Stayed lit throughout the smoke.
* Conclusion/Overall Impression: With a hefty price tag and limited release, you might have some doubts about purchasing the cigar. I truly enjoyed the smoking experience but the $29.99 MSRP would hinder most folks from buying it. Not worried about the price? Yes, purchase it as it is a very good smoke.
Final Thoughts and final number: Limited release cigars are a tough one to think about as they tend to be expensive but save your pennies and perhaps you will find a reason to smoke the cigar.
4.0 out of 5
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