Cigar news you can use: Place to smoke and call your new home

Cigar news: A cigar lounge is a place where you can enjoy a fine cigar and a drink in a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. There are different types of cigar lounges, some are open to the public and some are exclusive to members only. Some cigar lounges also serve food and offer live music or other entertainment. Cigar lounges are subject to different laws and regulations depending on the country and state they are located in. Some places ban smoking in all indoor spaces, while others allow cigar lounges to operate with certain restrictions or exemptions.

If you are interested in visiting a cigar lounge, you might want to know some basic etiquette rules to follow. Here are some tips from experts and aficionados12:

Always ask before lighting up. Some cigar lounges have designated smoking areas or times, so make sure you respect their policies.
Cut and light your cigar properly. Use a sharp cutter and avoid biting or tearing the cap. Light your cigar evenly with a butane lighter or a wooden match, and avoid inhaling the smoke.
Smoke at your own pace. Don’t rush or puff too frequently, as this can ruin the flavor and burn of your cigar. Don’t let your cigar go out completely, but don’t relight it if it has been more than an hour since you last smoked it.
Don’t ash too often or too little. Let the ash form a nice cone at the end of your cigar, but don’t let it fall on the floor or on other people. Use the ashtray provided and gently tap your cigar when needed.
Don’t put out your cigar by crushing it in the ashtray. This can create a foul smell and disrespect the craftsmanship of the cigar maker. Simply let your cigar die out naturally in the ashtray.
Be courteous and respectful to other smokers and staff. Don’t blow smoke in someone’s face or comment on their choice of cigar. Don’t hog the humidor or the cutter. Tip the staff generously and thank them for their service.

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