Cigar Blogger, Cigar talk:  Reviews about cigars , interviews with cigar industry professionals and consumers. An Urban Fishing Pole are a group of individuals who enjoy great conversation without any boundaries. The common theme is the love of the leaf. Cigar mavens who chat incessantly about cigar blends, cigar brands, history of cigars, what they like and what they don’t. Please support the web page by reading posts, spreading the word via social media and purchasing your products from the sponsors.  The idea is bring humor into all the blogs but commenting honestly.

We also write about food, sports, fitness and basically the whole world. Lots to cover and comment about.

For the best of all worlds , join the Urban Fishing Pole whenever  we get together. If this does not work in real-time, join the “rap” through the blog, email, twitter or other social media. Your comments, photos, reviews and thoughts  are always welcome.

Frank Gerechter is the mayor of the Urban Fishing Pole. His dad owned a cigar shop in New York City and Frank smoked his first cigar at 14 given to him by his dad. It was a Philies Tip. 

Frank is  a Fitness Director,  Certified Fitness Trainer, with an MS. in recreation and health,  is certified as a golf fitness specialist and senior fitness specialist. We img_4659 can guide you in your fitness goals and programs.

 Frank  is a Dead Head, and Red Sox fan. Married,  lives with two Bengal cats and a sweet rescue dog named Mandi.

Frank may be reached via email:


   Twitter: @FrankGerechter


  1. Mr. Gerechter, as you well know, having blocked me on Twitter, I have asked you to take down a stolen post you lifted from my blog:
    Your post:
    Stolen from my 2015 post
    Writing ‘guest blogger’ in the title is not attribution. Please remove this stolen material from your blog.

    1. According to my website, it has been removed. However, I will look into it again and see what happened.
      I did not intend to “steal” your words. In actuality, you are the first person who ever complained about any content. With over 76,000 hits through the years and thousands of followers, I stand corrected.

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