Lifestyle: Dead and Company, LA, Forum

The Dead are still playing in the Band. Keep smoking   Advertisements

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Lifestyle: A New World Vision

Lifestyle: After ten years of mostly faithful service, we bid a fond farewell to my MAC desktop. The new kid on the block is a

Lifestyle: Scenes from a country club/ July edition

Lifestyle: You never know what might show up or happen at a country club. Keep smoking

Lifestyle events: How the world of 60’s radio worked in Los Angeles , Ca.

      Lifestyle events: Tom Bernstein was an icon in the Los Angeles cutthroat radio business  for over 40 years in the world of advertising and

Lifestyle: Rain makes a dent in the drought

Lifestyle: Rain for the soul. Wet life. Keep smoking

Music/Lifestyle: Music for the soul and other concepts too.

Music/Lifestyle: There is nothing like a Grateful Dead concert. Keep smoking 12.30.18 Controlled Danger Las Vegas, Nevada Available Soon 5.31.19 Dead & Company Mountain View,

Lifestyle: We are always on a road

Lifestyle: Cigars and other thoughts My blog entries have been somewhat scattered the last two weeks as I am finally back to my full-time job

Music/Lifestyle: If you need a hit of the Dead , here it is

Music/lifestyle: Ionic songs from the Grateful Dead. Keeping the flame alive. Keep smoking

Music/Lifestyle: Game of Thrones Concert

Music/Lifestyle: Last night we took in the Game of Thrones Concert experience. I am not part of the cult that follows the show or book.

Music/Lifestyle: Sights and Sounds from the Creative Arts Emmy awards

Music/lifestyle: It’s what we do in Los Angeles. Award shows by the score. Folks like to wear tuxedos, evening attire and hang out. Best part

Lifestyle: Malibu for all of us

Cigar lifestyle Making waves. Keep smoking

Music/Lifestyle: Real urban life, NYC

Music/Lifestyle: Lennie shows his chops. Happy Birthday, Mastro. Keep smoking  

Music/Lifestyle: Joe Cocker

Music/Lifestyle: A brilliant rendition of the Beatles tune in grainy black and white. The way it used to be. Joe Cocker as a fairly unknown

Cigar/lifestyle: Come join the club

Cigar/lifestyle: I have been asked from several followers about sending in their own reviews about cigars or post on other topics. The answer of course

Lifestyle: LA streets

Lifestyle: It’s not all glamour and flash. Keep smoking

Cat Lifestyle: Regal Miss Ruthie

Cat Lifestyle: At the Vet this morning for after care checkup. All ok. Now for a Punch Vintage. Keep smoking

Lifestyle: Pets rule but they sure are expensive

Lifestyle: Furry family         I have two wonderful cats and a loving small dog. They give me so much pleasure, fun and

Music/Lifestyle: Spill The Wine

Music/Lifestyle: Listening to XM radio today and heard this super classic song and here it is. Keep smoking    

Fitness/Sports lifestyle: Every 4 years

Lifestyle:   It would be difficult for me to name 5 world-class soccer players. Years ago I would probably know but not even sure of

Lifestyle: Someone to watch over me

Lifestyle: In a nutshell. My day started bringing Mandi to the vet for doggy shots and then took her for a walk. After dropping her

Lifestyle: Missing in action 1973

Lifestyle:  Stewie Garmise, former Ten Mile River kitchen staffer, 1973, showing bad judgment and making an even worse fashion statement.  Keep smoking  

Music/Lifestyle: You need this, Grateful Dead flying on vibes.

Music/Lifestyle:  Sometimes the Dead just went through the motions. Not here. Keep smoking  

Lifestyle/Cats: Best cats pictures ever

Lifestyle:  Cheetah the Bengal cat, making us all look bad. Keep smoking

Cigar events: I got the music and cigars in me

Cigar events:   Saturday night with famed movie composer George Clinton and friends. Cigars, music and bar b que. Hot time in the city. Keep

Music/Lifestyle: Love those Goo Goo Dolls

Music/Lifestyle:     Just read an entry from a fellow blogger about the band , the Goo- Goo Dolls. Here is the complete blog for

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