Use at your own risk

Take a close look at this cigar and tell me what you think it looks like? Now here is another pictureand notice the similarity with

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A powerful cigar that is worth talking about

I was sitting in my cigar lounge about to review the  La Aurora 107 Toro when I got  engaged in a conversation about cigar reviews.

Royalty has arrived.

Several weeks ago, I was speaking to a employee of the cigar lounge I am a member of and he spoke of Caldwell cigars. He

If you like big

This was a big cigar, almost as big as my leg. Slight exaggeration but not a smoke for a 15 minute interlude. Big cigars are

Age before beauty.

What makes a great cigar? This issue has been debated I suspect since the first cigar was rolled.As a cigar reviewer I make subjective decisions

A Solid smoke that made my day

Getting new smokes that you have never tried is often an adventure, hopefully a good one.  Cigar smokes can be classified in several ways. There

A true cigar guy and maven

Small cigar, big taste

7-20-4 Cigars are a small boutique company which make very good products. I have been fortunate in discovering them several years ago however their products

Be careful what you ask for

I often get cigars from my friends and clients for the holidays. They are well meaning and I truly appreciate the thoughts and effort. However

LA Cigar Blog: " The urban fishing pole ": A cigar with good vibes

LA Cigar Blog: ” The urban fishing pole “: A cigar with good vibes: The Romeo y Julieta is a classic looking habano smoke .

A cigar with good vibes

The Romeo y Julieta is a classic looking habano smoke . This is a cigar that needs a good hour, with uninterrupted time in your

A damm fine cigar, Patoro cigar company

Several months ago I paid a visit to a local cigar shop named Shamlux and asked  Rick the manager for something new to smoke. He

Happy Thanksgiving

Just a thank you to all my cigar buddies and their families  for a peaceful holiday. Of course a good cigar too helps it make

Another great visit to a great cigar institution, Leavitt and Peirce, Cambridge, Ma.

Dr David Ticchi , Cambridge legend , and cigar guy in front of the classic cigar store Leavitt and Peirce. I have not seen David

Immortal cigar review from Famous Cigars

It’s time for another cigar review with this interesting blend from Famous Cigars. As always the review are my thoughts with the disclaimer that I

Plenty of cigars to choose

There are countless cigar blends to indulge in. Finding the time, making choices and just giving new product a shot is almost a full time

Smaller gauge Cuban cigars

. These are 3 products  that sell very well in Spain and are 30 minute smokes. I have tried all 3 products and they have

We have all been here before: Falto cigars

I purchased this cigar from a small cigar B and M in Brentwood a couple of weeks ago upon the recommendation of the owner. He

Cigar folks are the nicest people

Had a very pleasant conversation with Egda Lovo this past week as he was rolling cigars for a golfing event at Porter Valley Country Club.

Another hit of cigar humor


Hip Town and Hip Cigar Joint: The Occidental Cigar Club

Wherever I go, I make it a point to find the local cigar B & M’s. Sometimes I hit pay dirt with the right mix

Punch Punch Tubo Habano review

Is every Cuban perfect or do we like to over hype them? Here is a review of the famed Punch Punch which might sway your

Sneak preview : Dignity Cigars with DonJuan Gross

I had the pleasure of smoking with DonJuan Gross, owner of Dignity Cigars recently and of course we talked about cigars. He showed me a new

Romeo Y Julieta House of Capulet cigar review

When reviewing a new cigar  product you must be aware of your subjective bias. The marketing from the manufacturer will  try to sway your opinion

Wishful thinking for a cigar maven

 If you enjoy a stash of Cuban beauties here there are Keep smoking

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