You get what you need

Cigar Review La Palina Cigars, El Ano 1896 Oscuro The name of this cigar does not roll off your tongue very easily. Cigar marketing has

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Good to the last puff

Cigar Review: El Rey Del Mundo, Choix Supreme A good cigar will make the grade if you smoke it every day or once a month.

No flash in the pan

AJ Fernandez came on like gang busters several years ago with the San Lotano brand. Similar to rock  bands who have been around for years

The nation’s capital has cigar cool

JR cigars is a cigar juggernaut , one of the biggest retailers and catalogue venders in the United States. I was in Washington DC for

Evil Twin?

Cigar Review: Foyle Toro Maduro This is a cigar I could not figure out. I will explain my statement in the review.  There are cigars

The Big Question/ not about the cigar

Cigar Review: Foyle Pudao Before we start this review a few words about the impending FDA regulation changes.  The heavy hand of the FDA is

Quick hitter Foyle Cigars

Just smoked a Foyle maduro belicoso at the abobe which was a good way to spend an hour and change listening to the Red Sox

A cigar with body and soul

This is the time of the year where cigar manufacturers are releasing hundreds of new brands. The powerhouse cigar companies, the boutiques, just about anyone

Not pretty but…….

J. Fuego Origen, 4 pack Sampler This is a very funky looking smoke with a quirky nature to it. However, what it lacks in looks,

Cigar oasis in Watertown , Ma.

As much as I enjoy cigars, I enjoy meeting cigar folks even better. Going back to Boston to visit family and friends, I made  time

Who is that bearded dude?

Cigar mavens take themselves sometimes far too seriously. We all like what we smoke and have opinions about our cigars  but if someone disagrees ,

Interesting name , interesting cigar?

It seems there are more and more cigars on the market. With boutique brands flourishing , and cigar giants knocking out countless products, how does

Looks aren’t everything

Cigar Review Some cigars look impressive. This was my  thought when I purchased the Casa Magna Magnus II Limited. I was scanning the humidor at the Lone Wolf Cigar

A top flight cigar dealer

Where and how we purchase our cigars are an important aspect of the cigar experience. There are many choices available for consumers The local B

An up and coming super star ?

Steve Saka has roots in the cigar world from his days at Drew Estate. He helped develop Drew Estate into a brand with a great

It’s always something

I missed this cigar event held at my cigar lounge , The Lone Wolf Cigar Lounge in West Los Angeles The featured cigar was the

What a long strange trip it’s been

As we all know the best thing about cigars is meeting people from just about everywhere.  Through the years I have developed great friendships which

The Blast is back, or maybe never left

For many years my friend Brian’s go to cigar was Camacho. He would sit there, not say much but just smoke away. He was a

Use at your own risk

Take a close look at this cigar and tell me what you think it looks like? Now here is another pictureand notice the similarity with

A powerful cigar that is worth talking about

I was sitting in my cigar lounge about to review the  La Aurora 107 Toro when I got  engaged in a conversation about cigar reviews.

Royalty has arrived.

Several weeks ago, I was speaking to a employee of the cigar lounge I am a member of and he spoke of Caldwell cigars. He

If you like big

This was a big cigar, almost as big as my leg. Slight exaggeration but not a smoke for a 15 minute interlude. Big cigars are

Age before beauty.

What makes a great cigar? This issue has been debated I suspect since the first cigar was rolled.As a cigar reviewer I make subjective decisions

A Solid smoke that made my day

Getting new smokes that you have never tried is often an adventure, hopefully a good one.  Cigar smokes can be classified in several ways. There

A true cigar guy and maven

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