Cigar Review: Black is Black, Hoyo La Amistad

    Cigar review: Eventually I got  to review this cigar that was highly touted in it’s initial release. If I am fortunate enough ,

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Cigar review: Wait , coming soon

Cigar review: Give me a couple of days. Keep Smoking

Cigar news you can use: Older and better

Cigar news: Not limited in taste. New cigar from H. Uppmann and A.J. Fernandez FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE : CELEBRATING AN ICONIC BRAND: H. UPMANN 175th

Cigar news you can use: Best of friends, AJ Fernandez and Hoyo La Amistad Black

 Cigar news: You got to like this match. AJ Fernandez takes his unbelievable knack for blending cigars and pushes the envelope with the new Hoyo

Cigar news you can use: The Punch test. Press release from Punch and General Cigars

Cigar news:  You got to love it. Punch cigars goes to another level to satisfy cigar tastes everywhere. Keep smoking  

Cigar news you can use: Another AJ cigar blend hitting the streets soon

Cigar news: The domination of A.J.Fernandex cigars continues with more choices for the cigar world to make. Keep smoking A.J. Fernandez Adding New Sizes To

Cigar events: The dream is still alive

Cigar events: While smoking this well crafted cigar by AJ Fernandez, I met a cigar smoker from the Visalia area of California . We had

Cigar news you can use: Show me your Diesel/press release

Cigar news:   Here is the latest cigar beauty from Diesel  and General Cigar. Diesel has a loyal following and now might be your turn

Cigar Review: Old fashioned power house

Cigar review: My history with Diesel cigars has been very limited with a couple of smokes back so far I don’t remember much about them.

Cigar Reviews: Buy a batch

Cigar Reviews: Wanted to present this list again as several more followers requested what cigars were well positioned in 2017 My 2017 favorite blends have

Cigar Review: Spirit in the Skyline

Cigar Review:  Fallen Angel by AJ Fernandez This smoke was part of a very reasonable price sampler pack from Cigar International. Fallen Angel, ( get

Cigar news you can use: Matt is back

Cigar News, Matt Booth Having met Matt Booth several times in cigar tastings and events , it is indeed great news that he is again