Lifestyle: The face of Tom Bernstein

Lifestyle: So many requests about wanting to know what the radio man Tom Bernstein looks like. Digging through a deep well of photos , we

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Lifestyle: The radio world of Tom Bernstein

Lifestyle: Tom Bernstein continues to provide  us with his tales of radio life in Los Angeles, Ca.  Keep smoking   GREAT RIDES Working in radio

Lifestyle: An appreciation of Mort Tubor

          Lifestyle: Death don’t have no mercy Mort Tuber died this week at the age of 102. This is remarkable unto

Lifestyle: Tom Bernstein chronicles radio land in Los Angeles

Lifestyle: Tom Bernstein’s continues to give us the real story of Los Angeles’s radio. Tom’s accounts on how things worked is an interesting chapter of

Lifestyle: Heading to Mad Max?

Lifestyle: Los Angeles certainly has  cemented it’s reputation of being  the quirky capital of the United States. Keep smoking

Lifestyle: Fly me to the Moon

Lifestyle: Seems everyone who was alive for the Moon launch in 1969 has a story to tell and of course so do I. I was

Lifestyle: From the city projects to never famous

Lifestyle: Two old cronies from the projects in Long Island City Queens, meet once more 50 years later.  The best is yet to come. Keep

Cigar events/Lifestyle: A major award

Cigar events/Lifestyle: Merry Christmas from the west coast and my favorite Christmas movie,  A Christmas Story. Keep smoking

Lifestyle: From the LA Times newspaper : Vic “the Brick” Jacobs

Lifestyle: LA sports personality who I met in 1975 and played pick up basketball with at Cortland State. Tenacity pays off. Keep smoking Vic the

Lifestyle: We are always on a road

Lifestyle: Cigars and other thoughts My blog entries have been somewhat scattered the last two weeks as I am finally back to my full-time job

Lifestyle: Stay away

Lifestyle: Sunset, first day of after Daylight Savings

Lifestyle: The world around us darkens a bit earlier.  Months of sleep pattern disruptions. Keep smoking

Lifestyle: Bugs rule

Lifestyle:  If you like nature, here is a beauty. Keep smoking

Lifestyle: Cat love

Cigar Lifestyle: Watch out for this

Cigar/Lifestyle: Watches do more than tell time. Watches and cigars are great conversation pieces. An attractive timepiece and a fine cigar reminds many of a

Lifestyle: Love your feet, fashion statement

Lifestyle: Fashion statement After my knee/leg injury this past winter, a pair of  shoes would not fit as my right foot was very swollen. I

Cigar Lifestyle: Retro posters and prices

Cigar Lifestyle: I truly enjoy cigar art and the look that it created.  The old school stuff is  impressive. Like the old prices too.  Keep

Cigar lifestyle: Santa Monica , Ca.

Cigar lifestyle: Good living with no effort. Keep smoking      

Cigar Lifestyle: Summer day in Santa Monica, CA.

Cigar lifestyle : Tomorrow over 100 in the valley, by the ocean 75-80. No smoking allowed on beach or dogs either. Keep smoking

Lifestyle: Restaurant review by Merv Hecht

Lifestyle: Contributing writer, restaurant critic, Merv Hecht tells it like it is with his decided view on food. Reviews will be a regular feature on

Cigar Lifestyle: Review the reviewers

      Cigar lifestyle: After a quick trip to the Lone Wolf Cigar Lounge this afternoon I came up with this thought.  There are

Cigar Lifestyle: What’s it all about?

Cigar Lifestyle/Cigar Commentary   I was reading a tread on Facebook concerning  whether cigar reviews are legit.  We all have opinions about the cigars we

Lifestyle: Baseball announcers are , obnoxious, talkative, knowledable?

Lifestyle :   I grew up with classic baseball announcers. Mel Allen, Red Barber, Lindsay Nelson, Bob Murphy. Legends in their craft. When I moved

Cigar Lifestyle: Best of both worlds

Lifestyle: The Grateful Dead scores with this great t-shirt. Unfortunately for me, it is a backorder for my size.   Keep smoking  

Cigar Lifestyle: Good day Sunshine

  Cigar Lifestyle: How would you like to wake up Friday mornings to this wonderful feeling? Make it a fun day every moment. You got

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