Lifestyle: Miss Porter serene in the heat

Lifestyle: Cool kitty in 100 degrees Keep Smoking Advertisements

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Cat lifestyle: They are smarter than humans

Cat lifestyle: Nothing complicated here. Keep smoking

Lifestyle: Another cat just shows up at work

Lifestyle: This sweet kitty showed up at work recently and is very tame, pretty and hungry. It’s a male cat and I think looking for

Cat lifestyle: checking out the scene:

Lifestyle: our precious golf kitty taking in her domain Keep Smoking

Lifestyle: Cats provide peace

Lifestyle: my sweet, feral cat who offers tranquility and head butts. I provide food. Keep smoking

Lifestyle: Cat spectacular

Like; Separated at birth. Keep smoking

Lifestyle: 3 faces of Miss Ruthie

Lifestyle: Cute or not ? Keep smoking

Cat Lifestyle: Cheetah knows all

Lifestyle: Cat love

Cat Lifestyle: Regal Miss Ruthie

Cat Lifestyle: At the Vet this morning for after care checkup. All ok. Now for a Punch Vintage. Keep smoking

Lifestyle/Cats: Best cats pictures ever

Lifestyle:  Cheetah the Bengal cat, making us all look bad. Keep smoking

Cigar events: A tale of cigars and cats

    Cigar events: Los Angeles can be pretty quiet during the holidays. Seems that traffic disappears, people leave town and it’s actually pleasant to

Lifestyle: Talk to the animals

Lifestyle: Animal world       I realized today how much time I spend with animals in all sorts of different environments. This a great way

Lifestyle: Cat behavior not explained

Lifestyle: My cat Cheetah will soon be 15 years old. For Bengal cats this is pushing the envelope but he still has good energy, awareness

Cigar events: My animals rule me

Cigar events/ Lifestyle Taking Miss Ruthie our beautiful female Bengal to the vet is always anxious provoking for the kitty and us. She had her