Cigar events: Rock it for CRA

Cigar events: Support the CRA for cigar smokers rights. Keep smoking Advertisements

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Cigar news you can use: CRA leads the way.

Cigar news: The anti cigar smoking lobby is strong. We need to be stronger. Support and join the CRA and let the zealots know they

Cigar news you can use: Important reminder to join CRA

Cigar News: If you are member , great and keep on top of important cigar issues , if not you better join.  Keep smoking  

Cigar News you can use: FDA, take that

Cigar News, Cigar Talk, Cigar Events In partnership there is positive movement. The FDA is now feeling the heat about their insipid view on cigars

Cigar news you can use: FDA needs to be curtailed

Major Cigar and Tobacco Industry Associations File Suit Against FDA’s Deeming Rule  ~ CAA, IPCPR, & CRA ask District Court of Washington D.C. for Declaratory Injunction