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In partnership there is positive movement. The FDA is now feeling the heat about their insipid view on cigars and the cigar community.  Keep the pressure on and notify your elected officials their view is unacceptable to the adult cigar smoking public.

We can take care of ourselves . Just ask Winston Churchill, President John Kennedy,and super athlete Michael Jordan, basketball’s  greatest player ever.  We do not need their permission to smoke a cigar for our enjoyment.


July 28, 2017

CRA & IPCPR Joint Statement on FDA’s Policy Announcement Regarding the Regulation of Premium Cigars

July 28, 2017 

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Commissioner of the U.S. Food & Drug Administration, Dr. Scott Gottlieb, announced a new comprehensive plan for the approach the agency will take to the regulation of tobacco products, placing an emphasis on a science-based method, that notes a “continuum of risk” that recognizes the differences in tobacco products.

Importantly, Dr. Gottlieb stated that FDA will reexamine the treatment of premium cigars under the agency’s current regulatory structure. Ultimately, the agency will open a new rule making process to engage with the industry to better understand premium cigars, specifically.  As representatives of the premium cigar industry, Cigar Rights of America (“CRA”) and the International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers Association (“IPCPR”) are encouraged by the FDA’s renewed and objective approach to the industry, and welcome the opportunity to again demonstrate the skilled artisan nature of premium cigars, and how they are truly distinctive, at all levels.
For premium cigar manufacturers and retailers, today’s announcement provides some clarity on the path forward. Of note, CRA and IPCPR applaud the decision to provide targeted relief to some pending deadlines dictated in the 2016 final rule.  This includes revising the pre-market application deadline to August 8, 2021.  Moreover, under today’s guidelines tobacco products with pre-market applications submitted to the FDA can stay on the market for the duration of the application review process.  In addition to changes announced today, CRA and IPCPR are awaiting further information from the FDA, regarding other key future compliance deadlines. Importantly, compliance requirements that have already gone into force will remain in effect for manufacturers and retailers alike.
CRA, IPCPR, and other industry partners look forward to working with the FDA as it implements the approach announced today.
CRA Exective Director Glynn Loope and Mark Pursell IPCPR CEO stated upon FDA’s announcement, “This has been a long and complicated process, which is not over.  However, we commend the objective approach announced today by the Commissioner of the FDA. This revisiting of the rule is testament to the recognition that you cannot regulate all products in the same manner.  We would like to thank our bipartisan coalition of congressional allies that have assisted in reinforcing that message to the administration, as we begin the next steps in this process.”
For comments, questions, or additional information regarding the FDA’s announcement, please contact the individuals listed below.


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