Lifestyle: Shoes for industry

Lifestyle: Shoes for the dead Keep Smoking Advertisements

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Cigar events:Keeping up

Lifestyle : In the groove

Lifestyle: Fitness for the world

Lifestyle/ Fitness: workout and cigar. Two worlds mesh. Keep smoking

Lifestyle: Fitness and health = improved life

Lifestyle/Fitness: The importance of being on top of your health will keep you going. Ignorance does not work. Keep smoking When cancer comes calling: A

Lifestyle: No power in the gym.

Lifestyle: You still need to work out. No excuses. Keep Smoking

Lifestyle/fitness: Fitness motivation

Lifestyle/fitness: Good moves to start your fitness mojo. Keep smoking

Lifestyle/Fitness: A move for Golfers

Lifestyle: I wear more than one hat. Lifestyle/Fitness: Here is a great move for golfers, fitness folks and just about anyone who wants to increase

Fitness news you can use: Golfers need this

Fitness news/lifestyle: A way to lower your score and get better overall golf mechanics. I’m certified in Golf Fitness from NASM. Any questions? Contact me.

Fitness events: Inspired motivation

Fitness events: This is how you do it in 2019. Keep Smoking and working out

Fitness/Sports lifestyle: Every 4 years

Lifestyle:   It would be difficult for me to name 5 world-class soccer players. Years ago I would probably know but not even sure of

Health/lifestyle/news: Knowledge is power

Share with facebook Share with twitter Share with linkedin Share using email Print Health/Lifestyle: As a fitness trainer, I come across so many different ideas,

Music/Lifestyle: Love those Goo Goo Dolls

Music/Lifestyle:     Just read an entry from a fellow blogger about the band , the Goo- Goo Dolls. Here is the complete blog for

Fitness Lifestyle: I used to be

Fitness: I hear from clients as a fitness trainer this phrase so often in some variation, ” I used to be in shape, I used

Lifestyle: I used to be strong

Lifestyle: Back in the saddle After a serious injury you need to access what you can do presently. My patella injury had set me back

Fitness news you can use : Random thoughts about gyms

Fitness news and commentary   Why do the biggest guys in the gym , leave their weight plates on the bar and walk away without

Fitness News you can use: Fitness is fun

Lifestyle: Fitness       As a fitness trainer I often see clients not balancing their workouts.  Those who like cardio tend to do mostly

Health and Fitness: It’s about you

Health and Fitness: Focusing on your fitness program and design In my series about fitness and health, I have commented on what to look for

Body by …………

Lifestyle:  Getting the right Personal Fitness Trainer Finding a fitness trainer sounds like a simple enough task. Go to a gym look for the biggest

If this is a health club,why does it stink?

Life Style: Fitness and health I have been around many health clubs in my years as a Personal Fitness Trainer, Fitness Manager and consumer. Gyms

Push the Tush

Fitness Events : Personal Training, Working out and staying healthy. As much as I enjoy talking and sampling cigars, my true employment is the world