Cigar events: From the beginning of time

  Indian Tabac Cigar boxes.     Cigar events: When Rocky Patel was just a newcomer in the cigar world, he came out with the

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Cigar events: The ghost of St. Patrick’s day

Cigar events: From the past, the world has changed , but St. Patrick’s day has not.   Keep smoking

Cigar events: Last call for fun

Cigar events: You still have time to enter the Isabela Cigar Giveaway for a 3 pack of their fine products. Send in your answer to

Lifestyle: The end of a era on Wilshire Blvd.

Lifestyle: I have been coming to this Barber Shop on Wilshire Blvd. for years.  I go in, get my beard trimmed, pay cash and a

Cigar contest: Isabela Cigars , 3 pack giveaway

Cigar news: Time for another 3 pack giveaway of Isabela Cigars. These are highly valued smokes, with great reviews and small production runs.  If you

Cigar events: Lancero larceny

Cigar events: This cigar was so good, people were trying to rip it off while I was smoking it. Keep smoking

Cigar events: We have another winner of Isabela Cigars

Cigar events: Well folks , the 3 pack give a way of Isabela Cigars has found a home. Winner of contest number 3 is Diego

Cigar Events: Second day of the next Isabela Cigar contest

Cigar events: If you did not catch the news yesterday, here it is again. Contest #2 is on till next Saturday for a golden opportunity

Cigar contest: Isabela Cigar giveaway, contest #2

Cigar events: Here we are folks, the next contest for the 3 pack of Isabela Cigars. In order to qualify, it is necessary to answer

Cigar events: When smoking a cigar wasn’t evil

Cigar Lifestyle:   Before cigar smokers were not considered one step below axe murderers, cigar events were held in public restaurant’s, hotels and bars. People

Cigar events:Classy humidors and other wooden box products

Cigar events:  In the business world, there are top of line products and every one else. is an elite  company who manufactures, designs and

Isabela Cigar contest: Two days left to enter

Cigar events:  The first Isabela Cigar contest has two more days to enter for the 3 pack giveaway.  Catch the Isabela wave by answering this

Cigar events: Smoking a crowned jewel

Cigar events:  A visit from a friend who shipped off to Florida almost 4 years ago was the reason I chose to smoke the H.

Cigar events: New gifted cigars from

Cigar events: Pleasantly received these two boxes of new products from a small, but gifted cigar company, Check out their product line on my

Cigar events: Smoking with the crew

Cigar events: Saturday afternoon cigar interlude. Saturday comes around and it’s time for the sojourn to the Lone Wolf Cigar Lounge in Los Angeles.  As

Cigar events: The joy of smoking with friends

Cigar events:  This is the beauty of the cigar world where ever your cigar leads.  You meet great people without rancor.  It was a typical

Cigar events: It’s a Cuban type of day

Cigar events: Bit of a chill hits the air in Los Angeles. However, Habano cigars bring out the heat. Keep smoking

Cigar events: Bigger every day

Cigar events: The cigar collection grows. More for me. Keep smoking

Cigar events: Joining my humidor family

Cigar events:  My  cigar stash was overwhelming  storage capacity so I needed an new addition. Just purchased this  Mantello Cigars humidor. I thought about getting

Lifestyle: Another Tommy Bernstein Epic/Surfing Master

Lifestyle: Tommy Bernstein has lead many lives and here is another epic tale to tell. Keep smoking SURFING U.S.A.  I started surfing when I was

Cigar events: Ninety miles from Miami

Cigar events:   As a Thanksgiving gift , this was far better than the turkey. Keep smoking

Cigar events: Camera shy

Cigar events: The cigar makes the man.  Keep smoking  

Cigar events: California Dreaming

Cigar events: Take the road and get out. All the leaves are brown.  Keep smoking

Cigar Events: Is Don Juan in your smoking life?

Cigar events: Finding the new breed of cigars is a tough job. Thousands of blends are out in the smoking wilderness. Don Juan Calavera is

Cigar events: Another blast from the past

Cigar events: Here is another older post from one of my favorite cigar lounges/cigars in the country. Keep smoking Visit to Levitt and Peirce Cigar

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