Cigar news you can use: La Palina puts out

Cigar news: Big release news from La Palina Cigars. Keep smoking LA PALINA DOUBLE DIGIT SHIPPING IN AUGUST La Palina’s fascination with numbers will continue

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Cigar events: Not meat

Cigar Events: Looks like meat but the cigar creates the illusion it is. Keep Smoking

Cigar events: doing the Palina

Cigar events: Good enough. Keep Smoking

Cigar Events: In honor of nothing

Cigar events: You don’t need an excuse to smoke a good blend. La Palina Red. Keep smoking  

Cigar Events: Birds know a great deal

Cigar events/lifestyle: Keep all animals in your life. Keep smoking

Cigar events: Aggressively pleasing

Cigar events: calm and comfortable. Keep smoking

Cigar events: slumming in Santa Monica

Cigar events: the saint patties day trek. Keep smoking

Cigar events: a moment for the masses

Cigar events: La Palina is holding court for the moment. Keep smoking

Cigar events: Mucho La Palina

Cigar events: Have lots of La Palina products in my stash. Might as well smoke with Mandi as my company. Keep smoking

Cigar events: the dog knows

Cigar events: she leads by example. Keep smoking

Cigar events: Mandi knows cigars

Cigar events: Finally drying out. Keep smoking

Cigar Events: Today in LA

Cigar events: All around the block. Keep smoking

Cigar events: tonight

Cigar events: Reward for a busy week. Keep smoking

Cigar events: mapping out Friday

Cigar events: Not in India. Keep smoking

Cigar Events: No confusion reported

Cigar Events: seeking the light. Keep smoking

Cigar events: Red Sox steam roller

Cigar events: La Palina gives you pleasure. Keep smoking

Cigar events: smoke to nuts

Cigar events: watching the birds Keep smoking

Cigar events: cool hand, deal the cards ♦️

Cigar events: Control the deck. Keep smoking

Cigar events: Pal of La Palina

Cigar events: A standby favorite cigar that always delivers,  La Palina Classic. Keep smoking

Cigar events: keep the spirit going

Cigar events: The future is always here. Keep smoking

Cigar events: thinking of Peter Gunn

Cigar events: Somewhere the theme of Peter Gunn kept cranking in my head. Keep smoking

Cigar review: La Palina Illumination , shine on

Cigar review: I have tasted  and reviewed several La Palina cigars during the past year. Generally I like their products as the company has taken a

Cigar events: La Palina review process

Cigar events: Getting my review chops. Keep smoking

Cigar review: La Palina Bronze TAA Exclusive

Cigar review: La Palina Bronze TAA Exclusive         I try to write at least one cigar review a week and was deciding

Cigar events: Sometimes nothing happens

Cigar events:  Actually lots of things can happen. Check out my previous posting about meeting someone who I have not seen in about 15 years,

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