Cigar events : Lifestyle, the long and the short of it

Events: Lifestyle/ Answers to questions. I work in a country club where politeness and service is the rule. There is a dress code that is

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Cigar news you can use: Here’s the answer

Cigar news: Cigar Terminal, Cuban on line vendor   A frequent question I get from cigar friends is , “ Where can I get Cuban

Cigar Events: Cigar guys are the best

Cigar Event: Several years ago I met Egda Lovo at a similar cigar event at Porter Valley Country Club. Egda is a master cigar

Cigar Lifestyle: Life in the squared circle

Lifestyle: Television Wrestling I recently viewed the television series G.L.O.W. on Netflicks and it was fabulous. I had no intention to watch it but my

Cigar News you can use: Elite cigar brand

Cigar news:  From Cigar Journal. If you can afford to be there , good for you. Keep smoking The Madrid Zarzuela Hippodrome was the venue

Cigar News you can use: Take the cigars and run

Cigar news:  Wonder who would be stupid enough to buy stolen cigars? Wait , I know the answer. Keep smoking For the second time this

Cigar News you can use: A changing of the guard. Halfwheel report

Cigar news: Changing  leadership at the top of the food chain. IPCPR  will be seeking a new boss man to lead the troops.  Many challenges ahead

New York , New York

Sports/Lifestyle: Commentary  Coming into work today I was wondering when the last time a New York City area  major sports franchise won a championship. I

Cigar News: Cigar Humor

Cigar Humor:  The joys of life. Keep smoking  

Cigar Event: The Equalizer

Cigar Event, Cigar Commentary, Cigar Lifestyle This past Saturday I went to a birthday party hosted for Sean Callery ,  an Emmy award-winning composer whose

Cigar Products: Keeping it humid

Cigar News: Boveda Products, Cigar humidty and temperature A question I often get from cigar friends is how to I keep my cigars at the

Cigar News you can use: Hope it was worth it

Cigar News: I guess every cigar has a price and would love to know what cigar they were fighting about.  This is a true crime

Cigar Review: Raising Cain

Cigar Review: Cain Lancero F There are cigars you never get to. This is one of those cigars. I have seen them in B and

Cigar News and Event: Cuban Fix/Photos

Cigar News and Events: Annenberg Space for Photography This is a photo exhibit that was unveiled today. I am very much looking forward to viewing

Old and in the Way

Cigar Event: Coffee Bean on Wilshire Blvd. Photo essay This is was the spot we  smoked for years.  An outside area which was a parking

Cigar News you can use: Top of the Heap

Cigar news: Davidoff makes a new play Davidoff is a icon brand that has universal attraction  with quality products and a price point to match

If this is a health club,why does it stink?

Life Style: Fitness and health I have been around many health clubs in my years as a Personal Fitness Trainer, Fitness Manager and consumer. Gyms

Guest Review: RoMa Craft

Cigar Review:  I am a big fan of RoMa Craft cigars. I have not tried all their products but the ones I have sampled have

A Slice of the 60’s , Putney Swope

Lifestyle, Movies Here is a wonderful movie which is unknown to most. Putney Swope looks like it was put together on a shoe string and

Live with the Funk, Tower of Power

Music,  Events, Lifestyle I first saw this band in 1976 at Cortland State when I was in grad. school. The venue was a building called

Light my fire

Cigar talk, Cigar story Cigars are for me about meeting new people , learning their stories and of course enjoying the cigar. When the cigar

Going down the road feeling bad

Commentary, Life Style and Common Sense   I live in a canyon with a 5 mile road that dead ends in the Santa Monica mountains.

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