Two good hits

There are always certain cigars which are reliable. Not the special occasion smoke, or the trendy at the moment hot smoke. It’s a cigar that will give satisfaction, have a good price point and you know in a couple of weeks you will come back again.

Two good choices for me are the Punch Champion and the El Rey Del Mundo Choix Supreme. Both these are medium to full body, with well made construction points , even burn and good for about an hour. I purchased the a vintage version of the Champion from J & R cigars. Likewise the Choix Suepreme came from their humidor too. If you want the background of the blend check out website. My purpose is just to let you know that both smokes are always available and should be an addition to your humidor. The shapes of the smokes are quite different so expect a different type of burn. Go ahead start with a five pack sampler and light up and enjoy.

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