Women invited ?

A friend of mine sent me this photo of a cigar holder with above printed message.  This got me thinking about how many women I know  smoke cigars and the number was very scant indeed.
 Years ago in my regular cigar group we had an occasional women who would join us for a smoke. Most of them were the wife’s or girlfriends of their male counterpart and smoked for various reasons. They did seem to enjoy the cigars and the friendship of all the smokers.
I have also gone to cigar events where there is female presence among the cigar crowd but again, not many overall.  This question came up for me. Should women join the overall population of cigar smokers, should dealers and cigar brands cater to more women?
There seems to be a larger number of women smoking cigars at least by observing tweeter and face book accounts. I wonder what overall percentage of women would be classified as regular cigar smokers?
Another thought would be would men accept women in their circles or do most still think of cigars as a last bastion of cigar exclusivity?  How do cigar brands market their products to women? We know of course of many brands having a staple of flavored cigars such as Drew Estate and CAO but I imagine they are not looking for just female smokers. I have tried several of the flavored or infused cigars which are not what I like , yet I can understand why smokers may enjoy them.
Given that it is better for the cigar industry in general to expand their markets, I would bet most manufacturer’s would more than welcome many more women in the fold.
What do you think of this overall and if any cigar brands reps have any information on my questions , would like to hear from them.

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