Cuban cigar for the masses: The people’s cigar

The Quintero has been described as being machine made and hand bunched. I describe it as the “People’s Cigar”, a stogie you give to a friend who wants to smoke a Cuban but has no clue what they are smoking. 

I am not being totally a jokester here. In actually this is a pretty good smoke for a 20 minute jaunt into cigar world. It has reasonably good flavor, construction and burn.  Somewhat earthy and chewy in that it has a good smokey content. You don’t feel that this a wimpy smoke or lightweight  I get thiese through on line Cuban cigar sites and they are very reasonable in the price point. A box of 25 comes out between 50 and 70 dollars depending on the size of the cigar. These are well suited for a back yard cookout, a walk around the block with your hound or just because you feel like smoking and don’t feel you need to explain yourself to anybody.
It’s about a 3 paw rating in my system. Worth keeping in your humidor if you have the space. Not a great brand but so what? You need not worry about spending a couple of dollars on this one.

Quintero habano 

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