Good to the last puff

Juan Lopez is another one of those Cuban brands that are overlooked by the masses. They do not have the “chops” of a  Monti or Partegas but belong in the same ballpark.

I sampled a Juan Lopez #2, 4.8 x 50 which was sitting in my humidor for about 3 months at 66% humidity.
Initial presentation was the wrapper had some small veins but overall was a good looking smoke with a soft but not spongy touch. No bumps or obvious issues in the look.

 Rating 3.5 out of 5
After the first light , the ash was a light grey with an even burn. The cigar was smooth, very smooth with some light fruit notes, cherry perhaps? This was a very good start. Was really looking forward to enjoying this baby.

4 out of 5 so far. Take a look.
As we started to dig a little deeper came the first bump in the road. The burn became a bit off and had to relight the cigar. Not a major flaw but needed to rethink the cigar a bit. The profile was medium to full with a bit of a kick to the blend. The cigar did self correct itself and the burn became even again. 

 This picture is  self  explanatory .
Here is the next photo of the self correction of the burn.

Here is what you get after the hour or so.
No cigar hits on all cylinders , the burn may be off, construction has flaws. These are the quirks of the cigar roller, they may make mistakes, this is a hand made product. Taste is subjective, you may like it , I may not. Cigars are like that. Overall I liked this blend and recommend it.  4 out of 5 seems right to me.
Keep smoking.

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