Cigars across the coast

Whenever or wherever I travel, I make an attempt to hit a local B and M Cigar shop. I check out the stock, meet some folks and if time permits, have a smoke and chat. I find this loads of fun and truly enjoy this experience. 

I find interesting conversation with my cigar buddies and there is always the common bound of cigar talk, sports and general in the moment current events.
There is a shop in Watertown, Massachusetts which I will try to visit. Looks interesting on their web page and not too far off where I am staying. I will also make a pass at Levitt and Pierce, in Harvard Square, one of the oldest cigar stores in the country and started going here over 25 years ago. At one time you could smoke in this store and rent a table for 2.00 an hour to hang out, play chess and of course smoke a cigar. They also have a great pipe and pipe tobacco selection.
Now of course you might get arrested in you light up in a non smoke free zone especially in Cambridge Ma. It’s ironic that in the cradle of American liberty, smoking is considered a dangerous act. Figure that one out, I cannot. 
I also have brought with me 8 cigars, all Cuban blends but doubt I will have the time to smoke that much. Still I needed to be prepared for all that may happen.will keep you posted.

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