Was it worth the wait?

I have been storing an El Rico Habano  Churchill in my humidor for over 5 years. It’s not as I waiting for a special reason to smoke it. Basically I just never got around to doing it. So today happens to be the day and here is the review. 

El Rico Habano 7 x 54 with an Ecuadorian wrapper, Nicaragua binder and filler. Used an Xikar cutter and smoked in Los Angeles. 

Impressive dark wrapper with an oily feel and sheen. Construction solid, firm texture with a few veins which did not distract from the appearance. If looks tell the story the cigar appears to be a powerful smoke.

Somewhat uneven initial burn, had hints of cocoa and nuts. Flavor was a it muddled with no clear distinction where this was going to go. After 30 minutes I was surprised the smoke was pretty mild almost bland. My expectation it was going to be a kick in the pants blend.

Ash was light grey and was sustained well without any burn issues . Steady, slow draw and remained this integrity throughout the 1.5 hours of smoking time.

My overall thoughts were of a good quality cigar, decent enough and can be has for a reasonable price point Milder  than I thought it was going to be but more in the medium range. It was not a waste of time but was hoping for a stronger blend. Perhaps being in my humidor for 5 plus years took off some of the edge. I would buy several again but in different shapes to see what would happen. 
My rating would be:  appearance and construction 4 out of 5,  flavor: 3.5 out of 5,smoking characteristics: 3.5 out of 5 and overall 3.8 out of 5. 
A good cigar but not top tier.
Keep smoking

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